Podium Engineering’s team offers multidisciplinary skills and competencies from both reasearch and industry environments. With master degrees in Automotive Engineering awarded at the prestigious Politecnico di Torino, some members of the team got a PhD in Mechatronics Engineering and the most of them took part in the Formula SAE world championship of the University of Turin: they developed several parts such as the rear drivetrain transmission box, were responsible for computational fluid dynamics and engine controls and calibration, and served as team leaders, beside developing the first Formula Hybrid racing car ever designed by the Politecnico di Torino. Some members have worked in companies such as the General Motors Powertrain Europe, becoming responsible of coordinating global teams and bringing to production the first aftertreatment SCR application, developed using a GM in-house ECM and SW, and McLaren, designing and validating vehicle and powertrain models within the R&D group in order to set the architectural vehicle and drivetrain targets on future cars.

Their working experience and skills are now part of Podium Engineering, that has been founded by four engineers and now employs sixteen ones.